We are looking at buying a new home and have found a semi next to a bungalow that we are interested in, but would like to extend it.

I think I now underatand the PD regs but would like a bit of advice regarding the ‘skylights’ in the bungalow roof which are on the border. Does anyone have any general idea of rights to light and how this may affect a potential 2 storey extension which would side on to their roof with the skylights?

Do the fact they are skylights have a bearing on the regulations as opposed to regular wall based windows??

Thank you!

  • Yannie Bingham

    Right to light is a strange one & not necessarily black & white! You definitely need to consider it as if their windows have been there more than 20 years they have a claim to their light…but not neccesarily ‘all’ of the light? They can object or take action against you if you disregard them totally. I would think that skylights would get more light even after an extension than side ‘normal’ windows…but it’s difficult as you don’t live there already? Are you buying the house…just on basic you can extend?

  • Simon Stanger

    Hi Yannie,

    Thanks for the reply. In short we would only buy if we could extend. I’ve been in touch with the planning office and they can give pre-planning advice but wont take into account objections from neighbours etc so a tricky one.

    The skylights are in line with the last quarter of the house so a 2 storey front extension i feel would be feasable but a sloped roof or similar would have to come into operation at the rear if the light situation was an issue.

    Its difficult because it sound like we’re not going to get a definitive answer until planning permission goes in…!

  • Yannie Bingham

    No I feel your pain…the whole will I won’t I from planning & then throw into the mix the neighbour …hope it works out for you!

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