From smart technology including digital appliances and automated devices to durable materials for worktops and flooring, including stress-free solutions in a home renovation, extension or self-build project is essential for modern living, and this includes the materials used outside the house, as well as inside. 

Considering exterior render with low-maintenance in mind early in any project will set the building blocks for a home that can be thoroughly enjoyed for the foreseeable. However, there are many products on the market and it can be daunting to compare different options. Here are our top tips on choosing the best option for your home. 

Whatever the Weather

The UK and Ireland are notorious for experiencing incredibly varied weather and the last couple of years have seen hot and cold extremes that have tested residential properties to their limits. 

Covering a home with a render which can withstand harsher climates without cracking or splitting, as well as coping with the substantial amount of rain we experience is key. Look for products that have some sort of water resistance that won’t degrade over time while also letting the substrate breathe. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful home without the stress. 

k rend weatherproof render

K Rend offer all of their products with a specialist silicone technology which incorporates water repellents in their cement-based render system.

Get the Right Look

When designing a future-proofed home, the last thing you want on your mind is paying to repaint and reapply render and cladding as the house ages — or worse, having to haul yourself up ladders every couple of years to do it DIY. 

New through-coloured renders don’t fade over time and are ideal for low-maintenance homes. Many modern companies offer a wide variety of colour options, so the outside of your home can be an individual as the inside, but try to find one which also gives the options of multiple texture finishes. This provides the opportunity to achieve the perfect style for the design, finishing off a project the right way. 

k rend contemporary home

An extensive colour range and a choice of textures will help achieve goals of the perfect low-maintenance home in a style you won’t get tired of. Here, K Rend’s Silicone K1 in a white finish has been paired with timber cladding for a warm yet contemporary finish.

Thinking About the Future

As climate change become an increasing concern in our daily lives, many homeowners are choosing to alter spending patterns to be more sustainable. This includes the products they are using during building projects, especially ones that are future-proofed and won’t need to be replaced. 

Lime-based renders are a great option in this case, as less energy is used in production and can actually reduce CO2 emissions when compared to older, more conventional cladding/rendering products. 

Another consideration to make is the ‘embodied carbon’ materials harbour. Embodied carbon is the carbon footprint impact during the manufacturing, supply chain and delivery measured from factory gate to its use on site. 

Choosing local or UK or Ireland-based materials can circumvent this, but always research if this is a cause of concern. 

k rend period property

Replicate a stunning and traditional mix of materials with a lime-based render, like K Rend’s K Lime manufactured in Ireland. 

Choosing for Period Properties

Many older properties have been covered with ill-fitting concrete renders which smother the innate design of stone buildings, leading to damp. Therefore, choosing a cladding or render product for a modern renovation or extension of a period property which is suitable should be top of the shopping list.

Lime-based renders are best, as they offer a traditional aesthetic, while offering a flexibility for structural movement and allowing the building to breathe correctly. 

k rend logo

For more information on K Rend’s products, its team are on hand to answer questions. Email or call 02828260766. 

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