I want to convert my 3rd floor apartment bathroom to a wheelchair accessible wet room.

It has concrete encased underfloor heating pipes (water). It is a new building but none of the specialist contractors I have spoken to are willing to break into the concrete slab for the drainage.

We have been told it can be tanked with a customised tray but I need the toilet moving as well and have been told this can’t be done. Has anyone sucessfully done this using a Saniflo system or other way?

  • Peter Eade

    Hi Barry,

    We have recently carried out a similar job to the one you describe; we were upgrading several apartments for use by people in wheelchairs, this included altering the bathrooms into wet rooms. All of the apartments had concrete floors but no UF heating but the problem was much the same as yours. The method we used was to remove all of the existing sanitary ware but retained the lowest wastepipe which was the shower waste. The soil waste from the toilet was fitted with a ninety degree bend which turned the pipe through the wall to an adjacent room. The wet room was then tanked, taking the tanking up the wall to about 300mm. Once this was done the new floor was installed using a cement screed, it was laid to falls into the waste trap which was fitted to the retained shower waste pipe. This increased the floor level at its highest point at the door by approximately 120mm, a ramp was then formed to provided easy wheelchair access. The floor was then tiled with non-slip tiles and the walls tiled to ceiling height. The toilet was set up on the 50mm plinth in order to retain the 1

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