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We live in a 3 Storey Mid Terrace Townhouse and have a garden room on the ground floor that we are hoping to improve by building a small conservatory in the back. We have all of our Permitted Development Rights removed by the Council so will have to submit a planning Application. The Conservatory is going to be around 4.6m Long by 3m Deep. We had an Architect out who advised that we would probably need to have either Opaque glass on the side Windows or Brick Walls up to fence height to get this through planning and that we will need to have around 400mm either side of the structure to allow for cleaning etc. My concern is that with 400mm either side and 300mm for each wall we are using using 1400mm of current useable space as is and creating complete “dead” space down each side of the structure, I think I would prefer if we had glass windows on the sides as we would have light and be able to plant either side to make use of the space. The build will be a big layout in terms of cost for us so we cant afford to get it wrong. We get on well with our neighbours on either side haven’t raised any objections yet but I also think that if I were faced with a brick wall I might be a bit irritated and I don’t want to cause issues.

Any recommendations on best design and how to get though planning is appreciated!

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hello Vanessa,

    Although glass would probably be best from everyone’s point of view with regards to the flow of light, you need to remember that privacy does come into planning matters and a brick wall offers the privacy a window just can’t.

    The problem is that your current neighbours may be happy with your proposal, but future buyers (of your house and your neighbours’ homes) may not, so when extending you do need to think about what could happen down the line.

    There are also rules about how close buildings can be to boundaries.

    It is worth getting a couple of designs from a couple of architects anyway, and by doing so someone may come up with a new solution you prefer.


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