3 gardening experts reveal when to stop cutting your grass this winter

Green flat lawn outside white painted terrace
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As Autumn transitions into drab, more wintery days, the question on every gardener's mind is: 'when should I stop cutting my grass?' 

While many of us eagerly anticipate the moment we can stow away our lawn mowers and stop fretting about our garden landscaping, it's crucial to understand that grass doesn’t stop growing during the colder months – it simply slows down. 

Portrait shot of David Hedges Gower, a lawn expert
David Hedges-Gower

David is one of the UK's leading lawn experts, with over 30 years' experience in the industry. He is Chairman of the Lawn Association, an educational platform for homeowners and professionals, and founded the world's first lawn care qualification.

Publisher of Garden Couture & Expert Gardening Columnist
A headshot of Chris Bonnett, Owner of Gardening Express. Publisher of Garden Couture
Publisher of Garden Couture & Expert Gardening Columnist
Chris Bonnett

Chris Bonnett is CEO of Gardening Express Ltd & Bonnetts Garden Village. He founded online gardening retailer, Gardening Express, in the late 1990s to elevate the mail-order plant industry through a commitment to quality and innovation. Today, Gardening Express stands as one of the largest independent online Garden Centres in the UK.

Sam Webb

Sam is based in Coventry and has been a news reporter for nearly 20 years. His work has featured in the Mirror, The Sun, MailOnline, the Independent, and news outlets throughout the world.  As a copywriter, he has written for clients as diverse as Saint-Gobain, Michelin, Halfords Autocentre, Great British Heating, and Irwin Industrial Tools. During the pandemic, he converted a van into a mini-camper and is currently planning to convert his shed into an office and Star Wars shrine.

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