Porch planning permission: When you need it — and when you don't

A red brick detached home with brick porch
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Porch planning permission might be a consideration if you aiming to add a new porch to your home in 2023. Most people in Britain regard a porch as a small room covering only the entrance area of a building, almost always outside the main walls of a house. That said, porches can be larger, sometimes wrapping around the sides of a building, or even the whole way around it.

There is no legal definition of a porch though. In planning terms, a porch can be regarded as a type of extension outside any external door of a building. 

Simon Rix

Simon Rix is a professional planning consultant, who began his career working in local government in the 1990s. He was a council officer and later an elected councillor, so he knows how the planning system works from both sides. He went on to set up Planix.UK Planning Consultants Ltd; a consultancy company that advises self builders, home extenders and those taking on small to medium-sized building projects on planning permission.