Since it is Easter you get a double blog post today!

Carpenter Oak is manufacturing the green oak frame in Devon. I decided to visit their workshops in the beautiful Devon countryside to see my frame being made.

The Carpenter Oak Sign

The Carpenter Oak sign (above) and the view from the framer’s yard (below).

The view from the framer's yard

I have seen the frame drawings and plans for many months but nothing prepared me for the scale and beauty of the frame. I am not easily impressed but the frame exceeded all my expectations.

The carpenters stood in front of wall B

Two of the Carpenter Oak carpenters stood in front of part of the frame

A big thank you to The Carpenter Oak Team for making me so welcome and showing me round the framing yard.

Pictures I think are the best way I can share this with you. I hope you like them.

The cross frame
Wall B
Wall B joint
The unfinished frame in pieces
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