It’s that traditional, festive time of the year again where self-builders like to get cosy and gather round their underfloor heating manifold and think of others less fortunate than themselves.

Owners of 4x4s take great pleasure in inclement weather like this to drive around and laugh at drivers in less rugged vehicles – and self-builders are no different. One of the great joys of wintry weather is to talk a late afternoon’s walk and point at the melting snow on neighbours’ roofs – a sure sign of inadequate roof insulation.

Many self-builders think of their future home and what it will be like at Christmas. As we put our decorations up, now’s the time to remember that you forgot to put in a switch for the outside lights and try and recall just why you put quite so many sockets in.

As your friends gather round you can all raise a glass and curse the electrician/carpenter/brickie/plumber who left you in the lurch and look forward to another year in your new dream home.

Happy Christmas to all our visitors – we’re told that the number of people who have visited the site has doubled in the past year, so thanks for making us your go-to for information and ideas on building or renovating your own home.


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