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It’s often the case that the bathroom is left until last in the updating and redesigning of your home, despite it being one of the rooms that your guests are more than likely to spend at least a little time in on their visit. Aside from keeping a bathroom clean and pretty for your guests, there are a number of other reasons that you should keep a bathroom redesign in mind when updating your property, particularly if it’s an older one:

1. Updated plumbing

Even if your home isn’t more than just a few years old, plumbing is an industry that moves surprisingly fast, meaning that over the past couple of years there has been a move away from PVC plumbing pipes towards PEX or cross-linked polyethylene. The advantages of this for you personally can be huge as they’re far easier to install, with no soldering needed, being very flexible and far less likely to burst from freezing than other pipes. Not only will you be able to get replacement parts cheaper if you move with the industry, but you’re also at less risk of things going wrong.

2. Save water

As your bathroom suite starts to get older, you’ll start to notice that they’re becoming more inefficient, especially as newer products hit the market which can help you save water (and money) with every use. Did you know that with older style toilets, each flush can use up to 13 litres of water compared to the 4-6 litres that newer style dual flush toilets use? Newer products are also far less likely to spring leaks or have pipes burst in adverse weather than pieces that have had a lot of use of the years.

3. Maximise space

Old fashioned bathroom suites weren’t designed to use the best of the available space, with pieces being clunky and designed for purpose rather than looks. Nowadays, you can easily choose products for your bathroom renovation that fit all your needs, are stylish to complement your existing décor and can help to maximise what space you have.

4. Modernise your home

Saving money and water isn’t a priority for all of us; for many the bathroom aesthetic is a big part of a newly updated home. A bathroom should be both functional and have a fresh design so that it caters to your every need as well as complementing your taste in interiors.

Having a modern look in your updated bathroom will not only create a comfortable environment for your guests but will also bring a sense of contentment to you knowing that your bathroom is both well designed and functional.

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