There are many good reasons to build a home in a period style (even if the pastiche estates of the 80s and 90s do not set the best example). Sometimes it is a planning requirement to match the neighbouring properties, but often it is simply because historic architectural styles hold much appeal.

These homes show that you can build a new home with all of the charm of an old building, but without the age related issues that can blight them.

1. The Coach House

Sourcing materials from reclamation yards was the key to ageing this barn-style self build.

coach house barn style self build

2. A Modern Stately Home

The Georgian-style exterior of this stately self build hides a wealth of eco-technology.

new build stately home

3. Baronial-Style Eco Home

This Baronial-style eco home has all the grandeur of a Scottish laird’s home, minus the draughty corridors and single-glazed windows.

baronial style eco home

4. A Refined Country House

Careful brick detailing contributes to the Georgian and Queen Anne style of this home.

georgian style country home

5. A Home on the Downs

It is hard to believe that this Georgian-style home, with so much presence, took just 11 months to construct.

Georgian style home with an orangery

6. A Self Build Medieval Manor

This new build manor is faced in reclaimed stone, and has gargoyles, a drawbridge and even a dungeon to complete the look.

medieval manor new build home

7. A Self Build Fantasy

Elements of various architectural styles are at play here, creating a fascinating new build that looks a lot like the Weasley family’s ‘Burrow’ in Harry Potter.

self build fantasy home with tall chimney

8. Victorian-Style Self Build

This self build in Clapham was built to match the row of Victorian terraces to its left. However, step inside and the traditional exterior makes way for a fun, eclectic and modern scheme inside.

Victorian style self build in London

9. A Classical-Style Self Build

This mock-Georgian home exudes the luxury and eccentricity that the era was known for.

Cheshire self build in Palladian Georgian style

10. Cottage Craft

Pairing traditional craftsmanship with 21st century technology, this new build cottage is quaint while fulfilling its role as a modern home.

cottage self build with thatched roof

11. A Highland Self Build

The brief for this self build in the Highlands was to create a home which looked over a hundred years old, with the technology and energy efficiency of the modern day.

traditional highland loch side home

12. A Baronial-Style Self Build

Drawing on an existing Baronial tower on the plot, the architect created a traditional Scottish self build home that fits into its estate surroundings.

Baronial style self build home

13. A Self Build Farmhouse

Using stone from their land, the owners have well and truly embraced the local vernacular with this traditional farmhouse.

traditional flint farmhouse self build

14. Charming Thatched Cottage

The thatch plays the greatest part in creating a traditional feel to this cottage-style home, but the brickwork and interior beams do a good job of complementing the look.

Thatched cottage self build

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