We are about to embark on plans for extending our current property by approximately 85m2 over 2 stories. Before we start talking to architects we would like to spend some time creating a set of requirements. As part of this exercise we would like to create 2D drawings of our current floor plans and also drawings for potential layouts post extension.
Could you recommend the best free CAD package to use?
Kind Regards,

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi, we’ve recommended Google Sketch-up and Layout 2013 (both free from Google) to others who have wanted to draw up their survey and initial design ideas and they have usually been well received. Have a look and see what you think. You don’t need the professional versions – the free versions are up to the task.

    If you employing an architect – it is always useful to have the chance to see the Client’s thoughts on potential designs and layouts, but please do give your architect the scope and freedom to challenge and question the design to ensure it is the best solution – it should always be a two way process to get the best result.

    Hope this is of use, and good luck with the project!

  • Pamela Buck

    I use Visual Building which unlike Sketch-up, Visual Building is dedicated to the task for creating building designs and floor plans. They have loads of free video tutorials. Google Visual Building and download the free evaluation version. Only negative that I have found is that it needs Microsoft Windows and wont run on iPad.

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