I bought a house in March 2013 which has a single storey extension with Marley Mendip tiles and 5 “Dakstra” roof windows. It is leaking significantly through each window.
The council are admitting limited liability as they signed it off under building regulations and issued a certificate to enable the house sale to go through.
We have had to obtain 2 quotes from roofers to rectify the problems, both are saying different things. One is adamant that under no circumstances can I have a tiled roof and roof windows with my pitch roof. But the council have said they will not consider anything other than tiles as to stay in keeping with the rest of the house.
The other has said to refit windows and flashing kits with a slate tile that accommodates the shallow pitch.
Help!!!!! Who is right? I am stuck in the middle trying to argue my case with the council and don’t know who to believe.
Many thanks

Amanda Henvey

  • Mark Brinkley


    12.5° is right at the limit of what tiles will cope with. There are one or two large format tiles such as Redland Regent which claim to be able to remain watertight at this angle, but the danger is that at such a shallow pitch rainwater will either blow up under the tiles or that capillary action will draw the water up under the tile.

    Just as significant is the flashing around the roof lights. Normally this is designed for minimum pitches of 15°. I don’t know about Dakstra, but Velux, the market leaders, produce a special flashing for pitches from 0° to 15°.

    Please not (you probably already have) that just because the council building control admitted making a mistake, they won’t be paying for the rectification.

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