We have recently completed our self build which has been signed off and VAT claim submitted. Installation of our roof tiles has been done incorrectly and rectification works will now run into thousands with another contractor – we have no redress with original contractor after a year long battle. Are we still eligible for zero rated VAT on labour as the contractor has added VAT to his quotation?

  • Adam

    Evening C,

    I’m no expert but I’ve had a few VAT reclaims to do in the past. I’m pretty sure that once its in and dealt with that’s it. The tax office is pretty draconian about their rules pertaining to VAT reclaim. Its a once only thing (per project)

    I think you should speak to an accountant who specialised in self build and its VAT implications. They might be able to shed more light on the situation. I’m only able to offer the basics of what I understand the situation to be.

    I hope you can get some luck with it since it sounds like you are due a bit.

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