Both front bedrooms now require one way vents to be installed in brickwork and also require to be redecorated. This will cost me in the region of £1,000. Should vents have been automatically installed as part of the windows when fitted.

  • Roy Dance

    I’m not a surveyor – or in the window business – but I would have thought that the reputable window supplier would have known that Building Regs require trickle vents to be incorporated in the new windows – unless you have installed a mechanical ventilation system to ensure the house is properly ventilated in a controlled manner. Only then can you dispense with the trickle vents. I’m referring to the regs which would be applied to a newbuild; – perhaps it’s different for replacement windows in an existing house. I kind of doubt it though and unless you specifically told the supplier that he should not fit the vents then I believe you would have a case for him to put this problem right.

  • Stuart Green

    Meeting the F1 Building Regulations 2012 for Background Ventilation

    The Building Regulations in England and Wales require

  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden

    Trickle vents almost contradict the reason for having tripple glazed windows.
    MVHR is the answer.

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