I am in the early stages of planning a traditional-style new build which will (hopefully) look a bit like a stable-block conversion. I would like to fit untreated hardwood windows but I’m having trouble finding any with properly hidden trickle vents. Any supplier recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  • Mark Brinkley

    Can anyone hide a trickle vent? Admittedly some designs are better than others and the best often slip into the sub-frame, but not all windows have sub-frames. Often the best you can do is to match the colour to make them unobtrusive.

    You don’t have to fit trickle vents. You can have wall vents (but these are usually even more unsightly) or you can elect for a mechanical ventilation system, preferably with heat recovery (MVHR). According to latest figures as many as 25% of new UK homes had MVHR fitted last year, a figure I find almost unbelievable, but there you go. MVHR is a very different concept to trickle vents as it involves having a fan in the loft and lots of ducting running around the house but when done all it’s a benefit and it can save energy. But done badly, it can waste energy and be noisy.

  • Pheiffer Property Services

    There is a type of product which may be what you are looking for its called an overframe window ventilator the following link will take you to a supplier you should get the general concept from the pictures http://www.cavalok.com/cavalok_head_ventilation.html
    I appreciate this product may not be timber but you should soon be able to tell with a mock-up if it will be aesthetically suitable or not. perhaps you could further disguise it with a clever reveal detail.
    best of luck with your project.

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