So, at last, the plans for the two extensions we have planned are going in – now we just have to wait to see what the planning dept say – hopefully, “yes, go ahead, build what you like”. We were hoping to start work in April, but knowing how long it can take to get an answer, the summer may be more likely.

In the meantime, there is lots to be getting on with — and given more time, we would be.

One project we have recently completed is to create an upstairs toilet. When we moved in, the third bedroom (currently our toddler daughter’s bedroom) upstairs had a toilet and sink at one end of it — just open plan (and not in a trendy way).

The previous owner’s mother had apparently occupied the room and had mobility problems. With the bathroom currently downstairs, and a four year old that always wakes in the early hours needing to go to the loo, we needed to come up with a solution.

making a stud wall for the toilet

 stairs and hallway

the new hallway

 new toilet door and toddler's bedroom
The stud wall has created a small toilet upstairs

So, we have constructed a stud wall, with a new doorway into the bedroom, to separate the toilet, and installed a new and smaller basin. Once the bathroom is moved upstairs (this will be done during phase 2 of the extension work), it will occupy the now smaller third bedroom, and the toilet will become an airing cupboard. The two storey extension will open up the landing and provide another double bedroom (don’t worry, all will become clear once I add a few more images….)

So, this is the current situation upstairs — not ideal, but better than it was.

The next project to be posted here will be the stripping, priming and painting for the currently very bright blue external paintwork and the render. If only the weather would warm up.

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