Can anyone tell me what the problems are of having surface mounted, unconcealed pipework around the bottom of the wet inside area of my shower installation?

  • Mark Brinkley

    Technically, the only potential problem will be where the pipework and mounting screws penetrate the waterproof layer. Here you will be introducing potential for water seepage.

    Cosmetically, it will look awful! Is there really no other route?

  • Geoff

    While there has already been an answer to your question, I feel that you need to be aware that the problem of pipe penetrations in the wet area of a shower may be extremely difficult to deal with. The main issues are the pipe and the material it passes through need to be absolutely solid. e.g. Drilling holes in a bath top for a pipe route is just asking for trouble as any movement is likely to cause sealing to break down. The best course of action is to stud out the wall with the pipes in a casing and tile the casing. I appreciate this may not be possible so the other alternative is to re-route pipework so it drops down into the shower area.

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