Thank you for all of your sound advice.
I have a semi detached property that has an alley that runs along the side of it, providing access to the gardens of the properties that are perpendicular to my property (We are near a corner and the gardens of the houses of the street around the corner back onto the alley.
At the end of my garden (and the end of the alley) I have a single story brick building that is attached to a double story building in the property behind. It is approximately 30m2, has electricity, but no gas, water or sewage. I have used this space as an office.
I now want to subdivide my property, creating two properties, one with the main house and a small garden, and the other the ‘studio’ building and some garden.
I then would like to fix up the ‘studio’ and make it into a residential accommodation for myself or rental and sell off the main house.
Would this be possible?
If it is possible, what will be the best way to go about it? Do I need to fix up the ‘studio’ first, before I apply for planning permission to subdivide? Do I put up a fence where I want the subdivision?
Any guidance on the correct route to go would be most appreciated. I do not want to be caught out by my ignorance!
Thanking you for your time and expertise.

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