Sorry I’m very new to this, but we are just at the very start of a self build and have a lot of questions!! Does anyone have any experience of getting a mortgage with a non NHBC warranty? I’ve had a good price through premier guarantee who are listed on the CML handbook, but in practise are most lenders only keen on NHBC? We are only mortgaging at the end of the build as we have a private loan to cover the build costs so we can’t find out a huge amount of mortgage detail until the building is near completion. Thanks.

  • John Killick

    I have the same question. It wld be great if HBR wld write a considered discussion of the market. Or if they have not already done so, make their archive available to paid up users, and accessible with an efficient search tool

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    Lindsey Davis

    Hello both,

    This is the most recent article we have done on finance and warranties in relation to non-standard builds.

    As it mentions, NHBC is not the only warranty (see Build-Zone and LABC) so mortgage lenders will work with others. If you contact companies who are known for their self build mortgages, you are more likely to find a company who can meet your needs.
    Here are some companies and their rates:

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