Unlike starting from scratch, remodelling your bathroom can be a tricky job constrained by an existing floorplans and plumbing. Bathrooms can come in all shapes and sizes, but when you’re thinking about remodelling this particular room, it is essential to marry practicalities with style. 

Storage, natural light and the orientation of the doorway are all aspects that could affect how you decide to layout your remodel so it’s best to think about functional design first, before choosing any specifics that may become restrictive.

From completely ripping out and starting again, to refreshing with a few small changes, find inspiration in our 12 standout remodelled bathrooms.

1. Beautiful Period Features

If you’re looking to renovate a period home, why not combine modern luxuries with traditional design? This Victorian office building turned family home cleverly combines minimalist shower and bath designs with the characterful mounding and fireplace.

2. Small, but Perfectly Formed

Narrow and low ceilings are problematic in period remodel, but this restored cottage embraces the cosy aspects of the bathroom. A reclaimed roll-top bath and butler sink complete the effortless look, undaunted by the smaller space.

Working with a Smaller Bathroom

The key to working with a smaller-sized bathroom is prioritising what you use the most. Although a new stand alone bathtub might sound relaxing, having to squeeze around it to get to the shower in the morning is less than glamorous.

Think about how you use the space and how you interact with different bathroom features. If you have a family, more storage might be your number one, while if you carry out a nighttime routine in front of the mirror, a bigger worktop would be more useful.

3. Incorporate Building Quirks into the Design

This cottage snugly fits the shower into the oak beams of the house beautifully and the sloped roof creates a cosy feel.The white tiles and shower base mean that the natural materials of the floor and door take centre stage.

4. Scandinavian Sauna Style

Spruce panel cladding on the walls and floor of this conversion’s bathroom makes the most of the natural light to create a bright and open room. The Scandinavian-inspired style utilises every space with hidden cupboards and wall recesses for toiletries.

Storage Space

Where to put your things can cause quite the conundrum when trying to design a sleek and modern bathroom. Under-the-worktop fitted cupboards are a practical solution, but can end up making a small space feel even more cramped.

Open cupboards can provide a casual non-fitted look (and can be combined with cleverly plumbed in sinks) while unimposing storage boxes are another great storage option.

5. A Practical Family Bathroom

Switching around the floorplan of your home can be time-consuming, but when you’re stuck in a tiny bathroom and have a spare bedroom going to waste, that extra effort could make all the difference when remodelling interiors, like this cottage renovation.

Additional space allows for a separate shower and bath without becoming claustrophobic and offering new possibilities for storage space under worktops.

6. Statement Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles

The large black tiles of this modern remodel of a bungalow looks anything but gloomy with the large window opposite beautiful mirrors. Clean lines of contemporary designs can make a small room appear larger and the changes in texture throughout this monochrome pallet make sure the room maintains the air of luxury.

7. Pure and Simple

Fitting a neutral suite like this DIY flat renovation futureproofs your bathroom from any smaller changes you might want to make in five or ten years. Switching out tiles or throwing up a different shade of paint can quickly and easily breathe new life into your bathroom.

8. An Accessible Wet Room

This church conversion wet room proves that being practical doesn’t mean sacrificing style with on-trend grey tiles and a rainfall shower head.

Installing a Wet Room

Wet rooms can give a modern and sleek appearance to a bathroom, but only when installed correctly.

Though ideal for homes that need a certain amount of accessibility for children or those with mobility concerns, wet rooms can become cold and damp if not properly waterproofed and tanked.

The majority of the work can be done yourself (kits usually come with the drain, connectors and the under tray) but it is recommended that you get a professional to correctly waterproof the room to save potential leeks and costly repairs.

9. Upgrade Fittings For a Timeless Look

When renovating her 1960s home, Sandra Coppin chose to upgrade her fittings, rather than stripping out everything that was already there. The painted exposed brick leading to the high window adds an industrial effect and makes the room seem taller, while the stylish silver taps provide a modern edge.

10. Magnificent Monochrome Remodel

Black painted panelling and white walls compliment the simplicity of this bathroom remodel. Working to a budget doesn’t mean lack of luxury as the entire renovation project was completed for under £10,000.

11. Standout Statement Features

While minimal in design – greys and whites dominate this space – a copper radiator has been installed to provide a distinctly individual look. Features like a sparsely-used patterned tile or an unusual light fitting are ideas that could spruce up a room without the need for regular style upkeep.

12. A Bold and Beautiful Bath

Although neutral colours inspire feelings of relaxation, this characterful Victorian renovation includes a bathroom showstopper that creates such a clear connection to absolute exuberance and luxury that the limited space becomes an asset rather than a problem.

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