So, since we moved in here we have had to park our cars on the road. The Cottage has a really pretty front garden leading up to it and the lady who lived here before us (for the last 45 years) used her bike to get around, so had no need for a driveway. With two children, however, we do. Plus, it seems one neighbour is particularly unhappy about our cars being parked on the road, despite it being obvious that we have nowhere else to park them, leaving notes, putting rocks on the pavement edges to stop us parking etc. — welcome to village life….

Anyway, after waiting 21 days until we could apply for permission for a drop kerb which was necessary to create the driveway, we got started. We saved what we could from the pretty front garden and moved it round to the back before the Highway’s approved contractor arrived with his mini digger to scrape away and level all the earth, ready for the driveway to be laid. Once level, MOT Type 1 was laid (looked like limestone) and compacted by a motorised hand roller.

Before of Natasha and Bill's front garden

The front garden was pretty, but we had nowhere to park

The dropped kerb was then created (after more excavation work by the digger man) and the driveway into the property laid with tarmac, nice and smooth like black velvet! Once complete we laid the decorative layer — choosing Cotswold Stone for that classic cottage look. Ta da!

The driveway

After the driveway was done — just a few finishing touches to go

Next time… We come up with a temporary solution to separating the open plan toilet situation in one of the bedrooms.

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