Hi there,

I am currently in the midst of a project to improve a mid-terrace house that I bought in December. The property is of solid wall construction 230mm thick.

I am currently having problem with my plans to pour a solid floor comprised of sand blinding base, concrete, insulation, UFH and then screed top layer with a tiled finish.

Having removed the old timber floor which was in terrible condition. I have now excavated and flattened the floor with a wacked sand blinding layer in preparation for the first concrete infill. The depth from my final floor level to the floor is approximately 350mm.

Unfortunately the various layer depths that I have planned and measured using a laser tell me I have problems with my plan.

The problem is the brick course to the rear of the property is very shallow relative to the final floor level.

My structural engineer has stipulated that my first concrete layer must lap up and above the stone – mud footing and above the first brick course by 50mm.

If I adhere to this specification, which I fully intend to, the first concrete layer would leave me under 50mm to my final floor level leaving no room for insulation, UFH or screed.

I do not have this problem throughout the vast majority of the room, it is only to the rear boarder of the offshoot dining area – wall width 2.150 internally, with a 300mm section down each corner into the room. After this the brick course becomes deeper and deeper as you move into what is the middle of the house.

Does anyone have any suggestions that I might investigate further to solve this problem?

My current solution is to raise the floor level in the offshoot relative to the main kitchen area. This would mean there would be a step which I can specify to anything from as little as 100mm to well as much as I like.

Thanks in advance.


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