Pictured above is a classic example of where sliding doors were chosen over folding doors – given the contemporary style of the property, and large expanse of glazing, large sliding doors were the natural choice.

The contemporary roof incorporates two sets of skylights to the centre pitch, and fixed glazing to separate areas and form social ‘areas’ without barriers. An interesting feature was added to this example in the extended steel structure to the right of the building which houses the sliding panel, thus allowing the panel to stack outside the main structure. A simple, yet highly effective and impressive feature!

Sliding doors can be used in many situations with great effect.

The tranquil area shown above with Japanese-style pond to the surroundings works very well – the sliding doors allow access to both sides, whilst creating the desired ambience of being outside, whilst inside.

The system is available with many track options, giving complete versatility over size, style and operation with up to 8 panels, so widths of up to 20 metres can be accommodated. It is possible to specify which of the panels are to be fixed – where other panels can slide behind – or alternatively to have all panels sliding, or additionally fixed plant-on panels where all panels can slide behind if required. There is the option of an extended track, running parallel behind a wall, fixed screen or into a purpose built pocket/cavity, so that the panels slide completely out of sight, providing a 100% clear opening. With this you also have the option of a ‘solenoid’, which means the panels can be pushed ‘flush’ into the cavity and the solenoid pushes the panels out when operated. It is now even possible to open up corners completely with a moveable post.

As you can see, there are many options open to you when it comes to sliding doors. IDSystems‘ technically trained sales team can guide you through your options and give you sound advice – not the hard sell! We give each and every project the individual attention it deserves, and our technical team will be very happy to talk through these options with you.

You can meet our team at several exhibitions, including the National Homebuilding and Renovating Show. IDSystems also have a permanent display at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon.

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