Our house is a 1.5 storey detached, with dormers in the roof, built in 1983. The roof insulation installed between the rafters at that point (rockwool type) met the specifications in place at the time, and the whole roof space was then boarded out for storage. It is a cut roof, fully felted and with concrete tiles. We do occasionally get condensation on the underside of the felt on cool days.

When we bought the house 11 years ago our survey flagged that the roof insulation levels were lower than the specifications current at that point. We are now considering putting the house on the market and I’m concerned that potential buyers will be put off, as the level of insulation could lower the EPC level assigned.

Is it worthwhile upgrading the roof insulation before putting the house on the market? If so, what is the best route for doing this? We’ve identified a product called Eco Loft, which would provide chipboard bonded to rigid PIR foil faced insulation. I assume that this could be laid on top of the existing boarding, so retaining the current ‘cold roof’ structure and storage capability, but initial costing of it it seems like a very expensive option. An alternative seems to be to hang thermal insulation foil roll from the rafters, but that would mean moving to a warm roof construction and I’m not sure whether that is the correct thing to do given the condensation previously mentioned.

Can you please advise?

  • Adam

    A J,

    It is common for sellers to consider making improvements to make their home a more attractive option to prospective buyers. The danger is however that the money is spent and the work either isn’t noticed, isn’t required or may even get stripped out after the fact by buyers who are seeking to renovate.

    There are really only a few ways to spend your money where it will actually add value and most of these are where it can be "seen". Kitchens and bathrooms primarily but as ever, what you do may appeal to one buyer but put off another.

    I think the best thing to do would be to sound out the estate agents. They will have a good line on what buyers look for and will notice if they are looking at your property. Chances are they are best placed to advise on what your best move would be.


    Does anyone really pay any attention to the EPC certificates? Most people in general probably don’t.

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