Makita brushless slide compound mitre saw review

Is the Makita LS003GD202 mitre saw perfect for pros or DIYers? Veteran product tester Garry Martin gives you the lowdown on whether it's for you or not

Makita brushless slide compound mitre saw
(Image: © Garry Martin)

Homebuilding Verdict

This Makita slide compound mitre saw's features and price leave it clearly aimed at the professional market, and I’d expect it to be most at home in the hands of carpenters and framers. But it’s a heavy, large machine with a big footprint and that doesn’t make it terribly portable as a battery tool. As a rail slider, the advantage of being able to place it against a wall is also somewhat lost outside of a workshop. Whilst its capabilities allow it to cut just about anything you’d want, it just feels a little like Makita have jumped on the battery bandwagon with this format of saw and I’m not entirely sure why.


  • +

    Shadow light makes lining up cuts simple

  • +

    Dust collection is pretty good

  • +

    Rail-forward design allows the rear of the machine to be placed close to a wall

  • +

    Bluetooth connectivity to compatible dust extractors


  • -

    Accuracy out of the box isn’t perfect

  • -

    It’s heavy and not the easiest to move around

  • -

    Blade change feels like it’s designed for people with more than two hands

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A mitre saw is used for making precise crosscuts and mitre cuts in wood and other materials. It is called a "compound" saw because it can both rotate around its base (to make mitre cuts) and tilt on its blade (to make bevel cuts). 

A sliding compound mitre saw has the added feature of a sliding mechanism that allows the blade to move back and forth, typically along a rail. This allows you to make wider crosscuts and mitre cuts than would otherwise be possible. 

Garry Martin

Garry is an independent product tester, bringing decades of skill and experience in multiple trades to the art of authentic, real-world reviews. A technology geek, power tool addict, and soon-to-be Passivhaus self builder, he lives with his family in Worcestershire. He also has a passion for sustainability and plotfinding.