Conservation area approval granted March 2010 – therefore expires in March 2013. Approval for 2 detached houses and plots are for sale.

There was a small equestrian business on site at time of approval which is now closed, but which at time of application helped us to obtain planning permission as the volume of traffic would ultimately be reduced once the development was started (which would have resulted in the equestrian business closing anyway).

There were several objections to application although most neighbours have now moved (mainly due to divorce!!) and new neighbours have moved in. Questions are

1 Now the business is closed and traffic reduced to only our cars, when we submit new application could this be used against us eg if neighbours say traffic will be increased by new development.

2 As the development is for two houses ( if we sell one plot we will use the money to build the second house ourselves), if all pre commencement conditions are discharged and we start one house by laying the foundations to the satisfaction of Building Regulations, will this constitute start of the development and put us in the position of not ever having to re-apply for planning permission.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Mark Brinkley

    Yes. If you start development, then you shouldn’t have to re-apply for permission.

  • Dorothy Congreave

    Thank you for your response. The heading to my question should read RENEWAL OF PLANNING PERMISSION – not sure what happened there.

    If we decide to re-apply, are you able to indicate whether a precedent has been set regarding the traffic/entrance situation. Now we don’t have the equestrian business traffic coming onto site, are Planning likely to want to reverse their previous decision by saying there will now be an increase in traffic to the two new houses.

    I have no doubt there will have been other changes in planning regulations since March 2011, and it would probably be safer to start the work.

    Thank you for any advice.

  • Dorothy Congreave

    As regards commencing work on the development, would laying the services to each plot fulfil this requirement or would we have to lay the footings/foundations and gain building regulations approval for the work done. (As a future purchaser of each plot might want to re-design the house, I am trying to avoid a situation, for example, where we lay the foundations and then these have to be dug up to accommodate a new design).

    Thank you for your help

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