We have a large bungalow in Kent to extend and renovate and one of the first jobs once building starts will be the removal of 600mm deep soffits (approx 65metres in length) which we think are probably AIB panels. The builder understandably doesn’t want to touch them although I know, whilst unbroken and undamaged, they are not injurious to health.

We’ve had one quote for removal from a company at nearly £4000 and I’d usually get several quotes for a job but each company seems to charge a hefty call out charge plus a £200 charge for a sample of the soffit to be analysed to confirm whether asbestos or not. I realise that the nature of this work comes with risk, hence a higher price for disposal, but I have no way of knowing what is a “normal/average” price for this work per metre. Any advice regarding price (or whether there is a way of doing this work safely ourselves) would be greatly appreciated.

  • Geoff

    You need to find out exactly what the soffit board is made of and how it is fixed.
    If AIB it is strictly a specialist job
    If AC (Asbestos Cement) it may be possible to remove it yourself
    If it is a building board with no asbestos it is safe to remove anyway.

    Asbestos Cement board is usually around 6mm thick and very hard
    AIB is usually thicker but can be as thin as 6mm, it is also softer and more friable

    The first step is to at least get it tested to find out which board it is then you can move forward form there. There are government guides on the removal of asbestos.

    As for cost you should of course get multiple quotes, but only after getting a sample tested.

  • Ronnie Neilson

    Thanks to Geoff for the good advice, we’ve just priced a skip for asbestos removal at about £860 for 86 sq metres. We have a shed roof which has old corrugated panels. We have always assumed that these were asbestos cement. We’ve opted to pay £25 to get a sample tested.

  • Sarah Matthews

    I didn’t know about a bona fide DIY sample collecting kit so I’m really grateful for the information and will be sending off for one. Many thanks.

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