I am planning to demolish my existing house and replace with a complete new build. I am putting a log cabin on site to use as my site office whilst work is in progress as I can work from home on some days and keep an eye on the build.
The cabin needs elec and phone lines brought in and I need to keep a temp building supply on site.
How do I manage all this? I have found info on complete disconnection of elec supply but thats not what I want as I want to divert to the log cabin.I know it will be expensive to disconnect/re connect so I want to do it the most effective way possible – any advice would be much appreciated.
I live in North Kent.

  • Jeremy Murfitt

    First thing ring the suppliers. They will want to keep you as they will continue to generate revenue by maintaining the supply. It may be that temporary connections can be made within the site quite easily.

  • Tony Taylor


    Your supply will probably be from the ‘UK Power Networks’ distribution network operator (DNO).

    Go to this website


    and select the drop down menu marked ‘Moving between 1 and 4 existing meter points’. Then click the relevant button depending on whether your existing supply is overhead or underground.

    Carefully read and complete the form and send it, along with any supporting documents to the address provided on the form. Supporting documents are usually a site location and site plan, the former can be achieved by using Google Maps on your property and highlighting the site boundary in Red.

    Subject to the works proceeding, the DNO will inform your electricity supplier of the disconnection and relocation of your existing meter.

    The most important information about your existing meter will be the meter point administration number (MPAN), which should be written on a paper tag attached to the meter. Don’t worry if it’s not there, the DNO will be able to find out what your MPAN is by using the number on the front of the meter.

    With regards the telecom connection, you are most likely connected to the Openreach network, regardless of who supplies your telephone and broadband services.

    Go to this website


    to get in touch with the network rearrangement team who should be able to deal with your enquiry.

    Don’t expect a prompt response though, Openreach are known for taking a long time to return a proposal and when they do it is often incorrect, check it carefully. The good news is that they will normally pay for the first component of the relocation (it used to be the first £3,400 however, this is no longer specified), so that if the works cost less (most likely) you will pay nothing.

    Hope this is of help.



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