Hi, We have been trying to sort out a self build mortgage with Buildstore for over a year now. 2 applications later, a lot of stress and hard work we are no further forward.

We have been very badly advised by Buildstore to the point we have put foundations in via a loan but they have decided an error has been made with their calculations on how much they can lend us! A bit late now!

Please help!!!!

  • Bob Branscombe

    Hi – the first thing I would look to do is to carry out extensive value engineering to establish the lowest base line upon which you are able to complete the job. Then I would look to redraw the development appraisal to show the required loan to value figures (taking into account you have already now completed the substructure works it would seem). There are other self-build financing packages out there – as always, google will bring up the best answers. THe main stumbling block is loan to value, so it may well prove advantageous that you have already carried out work, and the VE will reduce hopefully the amount of loan required – these two factors may push you into a wider availability bracket of loans.

  • John Varney

    I am also having problems with them. I have a feeling you may be in the same position as myself
    email me brianjohnston221264@gmail.com

  • John Varney

    Marie, i know of a close family member having serious problems with them too, could you please mention who the lender was as it may be of interest to both of us.


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