I have withdrawn planning a few months ago. We have confirmed we can resubmit for free, but when I resubmit, do I need to re-inform the landowner? (It’s not my property)


Do I have to resend in all the documents or only the amended ones?

  • Alasdair Macmillan

    I can only answer for Scotland, but here the owner of the property will be notified again by the Local Authority; and yes, you would send all the documents.

  • Adam

    The same goes for England. Anyone is able to make a planning application on any land they wish to but the local authority will notify the owner/s when you do.

    They will need all the documents resubmitted as they are all pulled when you withdraw the application.

  • Jeremy Murfitt

    I have to assume that you withdrew the application for a particular reason. A resubmission, provided that the it is not a material change, will allow you make changes and amendments to the application which may allow for a more positive outcome.

  • Leila Sharland

    Thanks everybody. Resubmitting this week and will be making some (hopefully positive) amendments to the layout and height of our plans… see if we can keep the planning dept. happy.

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