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I live in a semi-detatched house in yorkshire in a old labours farm house (cottage) NO agricultural tie., i have applied for planning for me to build off my existing sigle story extension (9x3m) which i built about three years ago under a PD so no planning was need, i did go down the right roads for planning to say i can build extention under PD.

Regarding the reson for refusal on the extention is because it lies on green belt land and they say i can never extend on my house because i have already done an extention to rear elivation of 9m long by 3m out!!!!!
Has anyone ever had this problem or understand why and should i appeal to get planning permision????

  • David Vidgen


    The exact same happened to my brother in law. He owns a small cottage on green belt land. The cottage has previously been extended (prior to his purchase), plus he added a small downstairs toilet. He wanted to add a conservatory and that was refused. The reason for refusal was because the property had already been extended to its capacity (at the rear). I am led to believe every property has a threshold (otherwise individuals would simply keep building) and it sounds as though your threshold has been met.

    My advice would be to speak to a planning officer and see if they can advise you if there is any possibilities whatsoever to grow the size of your house. I think by simply appealing the decision with the plans in their current format is unlikely to be productive, but it wont hurt by asking them if you have any options at all to make your house bigger (apart from rear extensions).

    Good Luck

  • Wayne Roberts

    Many thanks for that, did your brother in law manage to extend anywhere on his cottage or do conservatory???

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