6 weeks in to our planning application our parish council put a tpo on a tree that had been there over 40 years.We had 8 pages of why it should be passed and 3 words why it was refused,Impact on tree.identical site over the road passed and has started.They state future pressure to fell this lime tree by future residents.I live next door to the vice chairman of the parish and believe strings were pulled.At the moment they have applied to our local council to work on the tree as I complained to highways as it encroaches the pavement and highway.I am going to re submit with a tree protection report even though this tree is 12 metres away from my footings and on a grass verge outside my property which belonged to a building firm that ceased trading in 1968.Has this tree thing been used to stop a project before and how did they deal with it. Thanks

  • Dorothy Congreave

    We have some experience with tree problems, in one case a "supposed" ancient mulberry tree, and my advice would be to ensure the company you employ to do the tree report is competent. We used a company called JCA (the owner) who is excellent. Two previous attempts with others had failed. I don’t know where you are based but I don’t think that will matter as these people travel. Have a look at the website and see what you think.

  • Dorothy Congreave

    That is Jonathan Cocking at JCA Ltd, West Yorkshire. I realised you might not find the company with the information I have given. I have no affiliation with this company, just great respect.

  • Graham Pick

    Well 11 months later and resubmitted with 2 excellent arb reports,planning consultant and sunlight and shading programme,the local landscapes are seeking refusal.They have given us nothing to contradict our arb reports and are still looking to refuse on future occupant finding the tree outside our property on a grass verge overbearing and dominant if the tree doubles in size in the next 60 years.The tree is the only issue and not even sure they have read our reports as I live next door to the vice chair of our parish council.Does anyone Know if under the planning guarantee we can reclaim our planning fee as we are coming up to 26 weeks after resubmission of the same plan but with all the tree reports.We know we can go to appeal and are preparing this,but its better to get another refusal than appeal on non determination.Why are the taking so long if they are so sure.

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