I recently sought advice from my local planning authority (Teignbridge District Council in South Devon) relating to development of a single private dwelling. Their advice was to concentrate my search on locations within defined urban settlements or immediately adjacent to. Am I wise to take that as a hint that a plot that is marginally outside of a defined settlement boundary may be acceptable?

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    Hi Simon
    In my view sites that are outside of the development boundary (even those on the edge of) have very little chance of gaining planning approval but, simply, under the changes introduced with the new NPPF etc, edge-of-settlement sites such as the ones you describe have an element of hope that they might not have had, say, 5 years ago. Bear in mind that LAs are much more likely to want to allow larger-scale development on suitable sites rather than one-offs as it means they are on a quicker path to meeting their housing targets.

    So – I wouldn’t get too excited, but if you do identify an edge-of-settlement site then don’t discount it either.

    A classic on the fence response I’m afraid but, well, that’s planning.

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