We had 12ft single rear extension about 17 years ago. Nearly 4 years ago we built a canopy extension having been advised by the council permission was not required, however they’re now saying we’re in breach and must be removed, Our neighbours have the exact same extension and have not objected. Can we appeal?

  • Jeremy Murfitt

    Dates here are going to be important. Firstly though do you have anything in writing from the LPA? That may well help. Turning to dates development which has been built and used for over 4 years without objection or the LPA being aware of it can be "protected". Take a look a Lawful Development Certificates – http://www.countryplanning.co.uk/?p=19

    Good luck.


  • Bea Dhillon

    We dont have anything in writing from LPA. We started the work in May 2010 and was complete in July 2010, our builders invoice is dated August 2010.

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