We have just about finished our self-build house. We are due to apply for the completion certificate this week. Our house has been certified by our architect, who is a single-handed practice, at the various build stages for our mortgage draw-downs. He was due to do the last certification this week so that we could then have the rest of our mortgage released.

Unfortunately we have heard this morning that our architect passed away last night. This was really unexpected – he was working up until Friday. 🙁

Does anyway know where this leaves us with getting our architects certificate for our house? Is it possible to get another architect to finish this off for us?

Grateful for any advice thanks!

  • Bob Branscombe

    Sorry to hear about your situation – no one can plan for these things!
    In practice, the architects certification is credible up to the last certificate, which is of comfort. It would therefore figure that the works left to be certified are likely to be well above ground and reasonably able to be checked if necessary. I have had situations like this (though none with your particular level of tragedy) it has been resolved by approaching a new architect to take the scheme through to completion, with building surveying support to assess the building thus far in terms of compliance with regulations. The new architect may well require a slightly higher fee to cover the ‘overlap’ but this should enable you to proceed, albeit some invasive work may be necessary to open up certain elements of the build for inspection. I assume the last stage to be completed is the second fix to finishing stage – the main issue here is the certifying of the services (plumbing and wiring, and gas) all of which the architect would have required the subcontractors installation certificates for, and presumably you have in any event.

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