Thanks in advance for any help. We are looking at adding 2 rooms to a property we are purchasing (each on either side of the property, one on top of existing garage and the other on top of an old extension done about 40 years back). This property has an old planning permission in place for the 2 rooms. It was originally obtained in 1999 – part of the pp at the time was done (which included the front porch and conservatory on the rear) so on recent inquiry the council informed me that essentially the permission is still valid given the plan had work started on it but was never completed.

Now, the problem is that the original architect is probably dead as I have been unable to track him down. The seller does not have any details for the plan. All I have is some pictures which were obtained from the council and apparently they dont have much detail either.

Firstly, how can I construct to the original spec if all I have is some pictures (that said the extensions are dead straightforward, both second storey extensions on top of existing building so no room to get it wrong).

Secondly, say if I was concerned about the council objecting to the work not done to the original plan; how will the council have a problem with the work if they dont have any details to prove the current work is not according to the plan.

Thirdly, if the original extension did not have a bathroom and I wanted to add one to the proposed extension, would that render the original pp void or is it just building reg that needs to be complied with, which is what my understanding is? And, if the addition of the bathroom meant adding an extra window to the rear elevation of the property, is that acceptable?

Finally, where do I stand with altering the extension room’s window from a standard window to a ?full length/larger window (again rear elevation of the property)

I know loads of questions but really this is the first time I’m going ahead with a project of this sort and feel really lost even after having a detailed discussion with the officer at the council.

Thanks again.

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