The Ritual actor to renovate £5m home as conservatory is either 'too hot' or 'too cold'

A brick semi-detached, three tiered house with triangular roof and hedged front garden
The London born and raised actor is seeking permission to renovate his Hampstead home, replacing a conservatory, staircase and shed, all at the rear of his property (Image credit: Google Earth)

Rafe Spall is seeking to renovate his £5 million London home after complaining that his conservatory is "too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer".

The 40 year old 'The Ritual' actor has submitted an application for planning permission to knock down the conservatory and replace it with a flat roof extension with a balcony.

Spall's four-storey Camden home is shared with his partner and fellow actor Esther Smith, 37, with further plans also submitted for a new spiral staircase and to replace a shed with a utility room.

Conservatory is 'unusable at certain times of the year'

The main plans for the renovation centre around replacing the existing conservatory to the rear of the property, which was described in the planning application as being "too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter".

The planning application seeks to renovate the house by demolishing the conservatory and install a small flat roof extension and build a balcony to overlook the Hampstead area.

The Design and Access Statement for the plans state: "The design and features of the dwelling are to be maintained, with the removal of the rear conservatory, which is unusable in certain parts of the year, due to the nature of its construction.

"The proposals are sympathetic to the conservation area, and have no impact on the street scene."

Although, the proposed works could strike cause a stir with neighbours with the area hosting exclusive A-list celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Boy George.

An overhead shot of Rafe Spall's home with a rear conservatory

Rafe Spall's home renovation plans include removing a rear conservatory and shed and install a flat roof extension with a balcony (Image credit: Google Earth)

External spiral staircase also part of the plans

The plans for the red brick, semi-detached building also include installing a spiral staircase.

This will connect the new balcony on the flat roof extension to the ground floor reception room inside.

The existing concrete staircase with metal handrails and balustrades (posts on a staircase railing) will be replaced and will also allow give to the garden.

Rafe Spall attends The Olivier Awards 2023 nominations event

Rafe Spall's plans for his Hampstead home include installing a spiral staircase at the back of his property to replace his existing concrete staircase (Image credit: Getty Images)

Shed also proposed to be replaced with M&E room

In an attempt the modernise the home, plans also include a small side extension that will replace the current shed. 

This innovative addition is designed to not only serve as a utility room but also to house cutting-edge mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems, catapulting the heating and cooling mechanisms of the building firmly into the 21st century.

An M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) room can house various utilities and systems essential for the functioning of the home such as components related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as house the main electrical panel or distribution board, which controls and distributes electricity throughout the house. Although, it is yet unclear what kind of system will be installed in this room.

The shed is said to no longer serve a purpose and in order to gain permission the application stresses that all materials will match the existing style of the home with brick façade, clay tiles and timber windows being used.

Joseph Mullane
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