Nearly one in four homeowners in the UK wish they had moved into a bigger property, new research reports.

Additionally, 25% wish at least one of their rooms was larger, and 37% of homeowners plan to improve their home to create additional space.

The research, from Barclays Mortgages, didn’t just reveal the regrets homeowners had — it also uncovered the difficulties many had in judging a property’s size before buying.

69% of home buyers judged a property by its photos, not looking at floor plans, and on average this led to four days wasted looking at properties that were too small. One in four also admitted to not understanding the concept of a square foot or square meter. 

Furthermore, one in five struggled to fit their belongings into their property, and over a quarter had to return furniture that did not fit in their home.

Hannah Bernard, head of mortgages at Barclays, said: “As more of us look for properties online it’s interesting to see how, as a nation, we’re struggling to judge how much space there is. It’s important to think about whether you need more space in a new property or if you can simply extend your home to suit your needs.”

Home Improvement Plans

Building an extension (or extending into underused space like the garage or loft) is a great way to alleviate space pressure on your home, but it is well worth considering how you can improve the layout of your whole house if you are adding more space.

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If you are on the hunt for the perfect property and can’t find anything that meets your needs, then deciding to self build can enable you to create a home that is designed to meet your requirements. 

With two out of five respondents admitting to feeling anxious about not having enough space when it came to having people round, a remodelling project offers a great opportunity to not only maximise space but also increase the value of a property. 

The most popular room homeowners would prioritise to improve was the kitchen, selected by one in three. Meanwhile, if money was not an issue, then one in 10 admitted they would have an entire room dedicated to their pet. 

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