Homebuilding Insight: The Death of the Garage?

50% of self builders don't include garages
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Nearly half of self builders will choose not to include a garage in their build, Homebuilding.co.uk research reveals, and they could be missing out on cost-effective benefits.

According to 2,881 users of Homebuilding & Renovating’s Build Cost Calculator, 1,307 self builders (45%) do not plan to include a garage as part of their homebuilding project.

Is the Garage Over?

Those with existing garages can often find that they are too small to be used as car storage and so use them for storing rarely used items or, in the case of attached garages, converting them into usable living space. Self building offers you the perfect opportunity to include a garage design that meets your exact needs.

However, there are numerous reasons why a self builder might choose not to include a garage as part of their design – it may come down to cost or size and orientation of the plot – but these self builders could be missing out on some great benefits.

Is a Garage Worth Considering?

By considering your current requirements, and assessing how you might want to use the space in the future, you may find it beneficial and cost-effective to include a garage in your home design.

  • A garage can increase your home’s value and kerb appeal
  • An attached garage built to the same standard as the house (i.e. with the same level of insulation etc) could easily be converted into additional habitable space if required in the future. Make sure you read this garage conversion guide before you start.
  • If you decide to keep your car in your garage, it can lower your car insurance premiums
  • As diesel and petrol cars are phrased out over the coming decade, a dedicated point to charge an electric vehicle at home will become increasingly important. For self builders looking to futureproof their homes, a garage including a charge point, can be a good idea.

While almost half of self builders don’t plan to include a garage in their design, the findings also revealed that 33% plan to build a double garage (either attached or detached), while 21% are planning to build a single garage.

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