Any help on this one appreciated.

We have had planning approved for a house at our riding school. We have a water meter at the road side which supplies the riding school. After the meter it splits off to the barns, water troughs etc etc. We were just planning on connecting into the line downstream of the meter (as everything else is) and supply the house. I thought I’d make a courtesy call to the water board and they have said NO. I will have to run a brand new supply parallel to the existing supply with a new meter to the new house. I cannot ‘T’ off the existing. To me it seems like a total waste of materials, time and of course…money.

We own all of the land, we will own the new house and riding school, why would we need a separate meter for the house?

  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden

    I should think that their main issue is one of cross contamination, especially where animals are concerned. There are numerous non return valves that have to be incorporated from a new supply within a new house which of course the water board monitor. Your way, they would have no way of policing this important issue.

    Vince Holden

  • Anonymous

    I looked at bit further and this from OFWAT probably answers

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