I am just in the planning phase of building a new home, we are looking at starting from a RAW land position and removing around 1200 square meters of soil.

Firstly, for that sort of quantity what is the most cost effective solution for getting it out of the ground?

Secondly, what is the most cost effective solution for getting rid of it?

  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden

    Do you mean 1200 cubic meters?. Assuming that this is the case, have you factored in the bulking up which will occur when you excavate, which will differ according to the soil type?. An average is 30%, so your 1200m3 could become closer to 1600m3 when taken away.
    The excavator size will be determined by what you are actually doing and assuming that the spoil has to be removed from site, muck away lorries is really the only way to achieve the movement of such quantities. Your locality will dictate cost etc.

    Vince Holden ACIOB
    Construction Project Manager

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