We have planning to build a house on our land, when we purchased the land 5 years ago we paid for electricity supply to a barn and mobile home, we paid for a new transformer to be put up on one of the poles going through our land.

My question is who do I contact for a new electric supply to the new houses? Can we get a new connection to the transformer?

We are in Evesham, Worcestershire. Thanks

  • Tony Taylor


    Just make an application for a new connection to Western Power (the distribution network operator for Evesham) and let them decide where it should be connected. As part of your application form, you will be able to leave a short comment identifying that a transformer was previously installed.

    Unfortunately, due to constant requests for new supplies, the electricity network is constantly changing, let the utility work out where to connect your new house.

    You will need your electrician to work out the maximum demand for the property and also complete parts of the application form, the form you need is here http://www.westernpower.co.uk/docs/connections/New-Supply-GuideAug12.aspx


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