We are thinking about a rear 2 storey extension to our 7 year old mid terrace. I understand we can extend 3 metres back within permitted development rules but how much space do we need to leave either side of the extension bearing in mind that both properties either side of us over lap ours at the back.



  • Adam

    Hi Gary,

    the specifics of the planning rules do depend on where you are located in the country. For a properly definitive answer you would be able to ask a planning officer over the phone at your local council. There is usually a duty planner available to take queries and dispense general advice on weekday mornings (they often have site visits in the afternoons). Try giving them a call and asking. They have always been very helpful whenever I have had reason to call upon them either by phone or in person.

    (disclaimer; They advice they give, whilst trying to be as specific as possible should not be taken as gospel. They will always act in good faith but sometimes until a planning application is decided there is no definitive "answer")

    A good rule of thumb is this; what your terraced neighbours have you should also be able to have.

    Good luck

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