I have finally – through appeal – managed to get approval for a loft conversion. This is for a detached house, two sides hip to gable, roof lift with a rear pitched dormer.

We have had national companies and local builders with expertise give us quotes. The quotes are varying from £42k to £79k. On the surface the builders seem to offer the same service.

What should I be looking at specifically when I pick a builder( apart from the price). I have heard horror stories with going with the cheapest quotes. In fact we found the cheapest builder most helpful, forthcoming and enterprising. Would appreciate some advice.

  • Gary Carter

    Hi Roopa, we went through the tender process last November for a new build. I found it the most disappointing aspect of our project so far! Whilst the price was obviously important, what we found was that the company we selected just felt right. They were the only ones that we felt any connection with and gave us the impression they really wanted to do the job, did everything asked of them in the tender process, submitted on time and provided a personal touch unlike the others. As we’ve progressed through contracts and getting ready to start building next week, it feels good, long may it continue! We took up as many references as we had time to take and that really helped validate our thinking further.

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