Hello there, I have found a council property with right to buy and I really want to swap, but the previous tenant couldn’t manage the garden, so had a considerable part fenced off by the council, keeping a small part for herself. My concerns are that the fenced of part is quite considerable, almost enough to build on and that would leave it very close to my place (potentially) the question is (sorry to be so long winded) is the garden (fenced off part) still part of the original building and ought it be in the lease? Or can the council sell it to anyone.? Please get back to me, I have tried the council and no one seems to be aware of the problem or able to pass me on to the appropriate person. Many thanks for your time.

  • Adam


    For a very modest fee of about £5 you can do a title search with the land registry. This will show you (in relatively good detail) the outline of the land that forms that plot and who owns it. The search will show if there have been any recent changes in title (ownership). If the council have subdivided this plot you will be able to see it on the plans. If not the garden is still part of the property you seek to purchase.

    Should you find what you are hoping for in the search and you proceed with the purchase you should stress to your solicitor the situation and get to make absolutely sure that the extra land comes with your home. They are better practiced in spotting anomalies in paperwork than you or I.

    Best of luck.

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