Is it more or less cost effective to leave a heating system running all the time?

  • Adam


    This is a well documented enquiry but there are far too many factors at play to be answer the question.

    Off the cuff a few would be; Type of system (radiator/underfloor), type of boiler (gas/oil/LPG/air or ground source pump), Age and efficiency of boiler, type of home construction (differing thermal mass between materials), level and type of insulation, size of house, room heights, % of surface area that are windows (single/double or triple galzed), occupants lifestyles and requirements.

    As you can see there are all kinds of reasons that affect the answer. It is a question that requires an in depth analysis of the house in question, the physics involved and the desired outcomes.

    Sorry to be somewhat boring in my avoidance of the answer but there is no straightforward one.

  • Fred Davidson

    In the absence of the information outlined above, the default answer should be ‘turn it off’ !


    Too many variables for a proper response but for comfort, your thermostatic radiator valves will control your heating and not you. They will dictate its firing up or not. So, if its firing up too much then you have too much heat loss through fabric of building.

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