These seem popular on the continent and in Ireland. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to source a supplier closer to home. I liked the look and construction of Isoquick but as I get no response either by phone or email, I must assume they have ceased trading. Is anyone aware of a similar product?

My hopes are to build using insulated raft foundation, porotherm 365 blocks, additional external insulation and SIP roof panels, to achieve a near fully insulated cocoon! Not sure I have seen any construction like this before, has anyone else?

  • Mark Lee


    I work for Travis Perkins builders merchant, this is not a system you see in the UK much, there are other similar option’s with insulated beam and EPS Polystyrene blocks. There are two main suppliers in the UK for this insulated flooring system.

    The options are Hanson Jetfloor:

    And Cube6 Thermal Floor:

    I have personally supplied from both of these manufactures and the feedback I have had about both systems has been fantastic.

    If you need any help or require a design and quote please let me know and I would be happy to help.

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