My timber frame company has told me that a combination of one or more multi-fuel stoves, solar thermal and PV along with a small number of electric storage heaters (on economy 7 or 10), would not be allowed under current regulations. The planned design has 140mm walls.
The company believe that I must either install an oil central heating system and modern boiler or spend a fortune on MVHR. They say that I would otherwise never accrue enough points under the current code.
Several years ago our current oil boiler broke down on Christmas Eve in the middle of the coldest winter for years and with no other heating source in the house other than electric fan heaters. We had to endure a 10 day wait over Christmas and New Year for an engineer to come out with temperatures at minus 10c day and night.
After that experience I decided I would, in the future, prefer a heating system with as few moving parts as possible hence my preference for the heating system I outlined above.
I believe that my preferred heating package is reliable, simple to maintain and relatively ‘green’ so cannot understand why my timber frame company and the building code should be advocating oil central heating which is certainly not ‘renewable’ and is reliant on a problematic boiler and pump.
I would welcome any opinions or suggestions that might help to clarify the situation for me.

  • Adam

    Hi Paul,

    Sometimes getting a straight answer to a straight question can be frustratingly difficult! Although I do not directly know the answer to your query I believe that I can point you in the right direction for some help without resorting to calling a company that will try to influence your decisions.

    The answer quite simply is your local council. Try firing your query at someone in both the planning and building control departments. The planners are knowledgeable about what level of renewable energy systems they desire to see in new build properties and the building regulations department know what works in a practical sense. Between them they should be able to shed some light on the issue for you.

    You won’t be able to ask them to recommend anybody directly that you can go to for outside help or to buy these goods and services from however. They must be seen to be impartial and wholly separate from the commercial side of building stuff.

    Good luck

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