we bought our property in the 90’s
we have a field to the left that I wanted to develop,
going through some paperwork I round plans for a NEW bungalow from APPROX 1963

I have been told the footings were put in but have yet to “time team” it and find physical evidence of this..

so the question is: if it WAS already there, will I need planning to “continue” the build?

or will I have to re-apply?

also if there was planning granted there before, would it make it easier to obtain again, if needed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Anonymous

    Hi Matthew

    Existing foundations from a house started in the 1960s I’m afraid will have very little, if no, impact on a planning decision made in the 2010s.Planning policies have changed significantly in the meantime and any planning application made for that field will be based on today’s policies. The concept of precedence might hold some sway in the planning argument but I wouldn’t get too excited.

  • matthew hewitt`

    thanks for a clear, concise answer, very much appreciated.

    do you think it is worth mentioning, to the planning office at all? or may it cause more problems than its worth?

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