Hi I have bought a bungalow that I want to extend. I intend to take off the roof entirely and leave 2 walls, the rest would be new build. Does this qualify for vat exemption?

  • Samuel Joy

    Hi Gordon,

    We are fairly sure that if you leave one external wall standing, it can be classed as a new build. Any more than this though and it is a renovation. For all the details on VAT and renovation click on this link http://www.homebuilding.co.uk/advice/existing-homes/renovating/vat

    Like I said we are pretty sure of the one wall rule, but it is always pertinent to check with the relevant authorities.

    Kind regards,
    Sam Joy

  • neil barber

    I have just puchesed a run down cottage to extend and rebuild.
    Will prob end up pulling it all down bar the rear wall .
    Any one more info on the one wall remaining classing as new build will be of help

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